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CCIF Toronto 2022 – 3-4 février 2022

février 3, 2022 @ 08:00 - février 4, 2022 @ 17:00 EST

Détails de l’événement

(événement en anglais seulement)

3 février 2022
Salles de réunion exclusives : 8h30 – 18h30*
Atelier : 16h30 – 18h30
Réception de réseautage : 18h30 – 22h

4 février 2022
Déjeuner, inscription et salles de réunion exclusives : 7h – 8h30*
Conférences : 8h30 – 11h30
Dîner et salles de réunion exclusives : 11h30 – 13h*
Conférences : 13h – 15h45

*Veuillez noter que nous n’aurons pas notre salon des exposants en 2022. Plus d’informations sur les salles de réunion exclusives seront disponibles sous peu.

L’horaire est sujet à changement.


Les frais d’inscription au CCIF Toronto 2022 incluent un accès complet à la conférence, y compris le petit-déjeuner, le dîner et les rafraîchissements du vendredi. Les frais d’inscription comprennent également toutes les activités facultatives, y compris l’atelier du jeudi après-midi* et la réception de réseautage du jeudi soir. Cette année, les participants auront également la possibilité de prendre rendez-vous pour rencontrer les partenaires du CCIF dans des salles de réunion privées les jeudi et vendredi**. *Le nombre de places est limité. **Plus d’informations seront disponibles sous peu.

Frais d’inscription anticipée : 179 $ + taxes jusqu’au 3 décembre 2021
Frais d’inscription réguliers : 199 $ + taxes après le 4 décembre 2021
Une préinscription est requise.

Depuis le 22 septembre 2021, la province de l’Ontario exige une preuve de vaccination pour entrer dans le lieu de l’événement, Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto Airport & Conference Centre, pour tous les participants de plus de 12 ans.

Les annulations après le 21 janvier 2022 ne sont pas remboursables. Les inscriptions ne sont pas transférables.


***Pour éviter tout problème technique avec le formulaire d’inscription, veuillez utiliser la dernière version de Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari ou Microsoft Edge***


4 février 2022

7:00am to 8:30am Déjeuner + salles de réunion exclusives
8:30am to 9am Welcome & Opening Remarks
9am to 10am Batteries are Included
10am to 10:30am Pause Réseautage
10:30am to 11:30am
(concurrent sessions)
Salvage is Gold – How to
Maximize Total Loss Returns
(panel discussion)
The Connected Car:
Harnessing the Power of
Vehicle Telematics
11:30am to 1pm Diner + Salles de réunion exclusive
1pm to 2pm
(concurrent sessions)
It’s Time to #ownthemarket Navigating the Pitfalls of
Towing and Storage
2pm to 2:30pm Pause Réseautage
2:30 to 3:30pm HR session
3:30 to 3:45pm Closing remarks


Les personnes inscrites au CCIF Toronto 2022 peuvent assister gratuitement à notre atelier de la série de développement des affaires du CCIF le jeudi 3 février de 16 h 30 à 18 h 30, mais DOIVENT réserver leur place en envoyant un courriel à Les places sont limitées!

Title: How To Build a Culture of Execution
Facilitator: John Cox, AkzoNobel

Presentation Outline
Have you ever left a conference full of good ideas of what needs to be done only to get back to your business and find yourself in the same spot months, maybe even years later? Knowing what needs to be done is one thing…knowing how to get it done is a whole other game. It requires clarity of vision, accountability of Team members and ultimately the commitment to execute. This workshop will give you strategies to facilitate change and execute goals in everyday behaviors.



Title: The Connected Car: Harnessing the Power of Vehicle Telematics
Speaker: Kyle Sabi, Enterprise Holdings

Presentation Outline
In this session, attendees will learn:
-What do we mean by Connected Car?
-What are the current capabilities?
-How is this technology being applied/used in a large fleet operation?
-How soon will we achieve critical mass?
-What could this mean for CCIF stakeholders?


Title: Navigating the Pitfalls of Towing and Storage
Speaker: Lane Bailey, ELC Dispatch Solutions

Presentation Outline
In this session, attendees will learn:
How to manage a difficult industry
– release vehicles and move them to your garage or your preferred vendor
– reduce storage charges
– reduce towing fees
– Manage Heavy Tows and negotiate lower fees
How to reduce fraud and opportunity for fraud
How to reduce logistical cycle time and increase logistical efficiency
Increase preferred network use
Increase ability to track and manage data
Increase ancillary savings – reduce suspect paralegal referrals, suspect medical referrals
Increase customer SAT through savings, Valet programs and more


Title: Batteries are Included
Speaker: Stefano Liessi, Lead Consultant / Trainer, Canadian Collision Specialist

Presentation Outline
In this session, attendees will learn:
-The approach to repairing Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the mainstream production collision sector.
-Safety, procedures, comprehension, future challenges, all are not alike.
-Will it be as soon as implied? The viability of EVs
-ADAS and the relation to EVs and the repair processes
-Skills and Education, are we behind or ahead?
-Cost and timing- spread the cost over time to gain the wealth
-How should we – verses how we normaly aproach these advancements.


Title: It’s Time to #ownthemarket
Speaker: Venessa Di Vito

Presentation Outline
In this session, attendees will learn:

New perspective on gaining additional sales, traffic and customer retention to their repair facilities and within their local markets without spending thousands of dollars on marketing efforts.

For over 60 years, most collision repair facilities have depended on other businesses to either provide them with work or to advertise and market their businesses on their behalf.

As the automotive industry continues to shift, evolve and grow, the world of marketing, and specifically, digital marketing, is also doing the same.

Join us for a fresh new perspective on how a collision repair facility could alter their focus and build a marketing strategy that will not only have them grow in sales and customer loyalty but also allow them to #ownthemarket within their local communities.


Title: Salvage is gold – how to maximize total loss returns  (Panel discussion)

Our Panellists:
-Impact Auto Auction


***Informations supplémentaires sur notre session RH seront ajoutées sous peu***



John Cox, Services Manager – Canada, AkzoNobel
John began his career with AkzoNobel in Account Management 20 years ago.  A Coaching background as well as spending 10 years in a body shop that was very engaged in AkzoNobel’s Acoat program, had him very interested in it from the get go.  He is now the Canadian Acoat Services Manager.  John is very passionate about helping Organizations and Individuals realize and reach their full potential.



Kyle Sabie, Assistant Vice President, Enterprise Holdings
A native of Southern California, Sabie began his Enterprise career in 2000 in the company’s rental operations. Over the next several years, Sabie quickly advanced through the rental ranks, overseeing rental operations in areas from the San Fernando Valley to Santa Barbara. In 2010, he was promoted to Corporate Rental Manager of Enterprise CarShare, helping to establish and enhance sustainable transportation options for cities, corporations, universities and government entities through expansions and key acquisitions. In 2018, Sabie took on the additional responsibility of leading the company’s Exotics Car Collection, operating in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Then in 2019, he was ask to lead the efforts to bring to life a vehicles subscription model, called Subscribe with Enterprise, marking a first for the North American rental industry. More recently Sabie recently has additionally taken on the business lead responsibilities of the company’s Connected Car efforts, which included the recent roll out of automating the reading of fuel and odometer at the open and close of rental tickets for all eligible Ford and GMs vehicles in the U.S.


Lane Bailey, Vice President, ELC Dispatch Solutions
Lane started his insurance career as a private investigator working exclusively on insurance investigations. He then progressed through the insurer ranks from RIBO licensed insurance adjuster working for a brokerage, to several other areas in the industry including claims, accident benefits, bodily injury, and special investigations. Lane is presently Vice President ECL Dispatch Solutions.



Stefano Liessi, Lead Consultant / Trainer, Canadian Collision Specialist
As a Red Seal technician, refinisher, and the founder of Canadian Collision Specialist, Stefano enhances his 40 years of experience with 14 years of I-CAR instructing coupled with 6 years of high school teaching to bring you training and coaching that encompasses all learning styles. Having experienced the corporate side of the industry, insurance, and management, Stefano’s focus is, getting it right the first time with proper updated repairs, performed equitably, for all of the parties involved in the collision industry.



Venessa Di Vito, Founder, Auto+ Performance
Venessa Di Vito is the owner and founder of Auto+ Performance, a full-service automotive marketing and solutions company specializing in generating growth in sales, traffic and customer retention for a Collision Repair or Dealership facility within their local communities.

For almost 20 years, Venessa has been helping automotive businesses across North America with business best practices and will continue to find ways to support and grow this ever evolving, yet incredibly exciting, industry.

***d’autres conférenciers(ières) seront ajoutées sous peu***



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Le CCIF est heureux d’offrir des tarifs spéciaux à partir de 160,00 $ = taxes aux Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto Airport & Conference Centre. Pour réserver une chambre d’hôtel, veuillez contacter :

Téléphone: 1-800-668-3656 or 416-244-1711
En ligne:
Nom du bloc : Canadian Collision Industry Forum Toronto 2022

Le tarif est éligible jusqu’à épuisement du bloc ou jusqu’à la date limite. Les chambres seront soumises à disponibilité selon le principe du premier arrivé, premier servi.

Réservez maintenant!



Début :
février 3, 2022 @ 08:00
Fin :
février 4, 2022 @ 17:00
Catégorie d’évènement:


Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto Airport & Conference Centre
655 Dixon Road
Toronto, ON M9W 1J3 Canada